Welcome to the North Salem MS/HS Media Center!

Cynthia Sandler, Teacher-Librarian

Questions? Ideas? Please contact Ms. Sandler
(914) 669-5414 ext. 2051 or 2188


Monday 7:25 - 2:30
Tuesday 7:25 - 3:00
Wednesday 7:25 - 2:30
Thursday 7:25 - 3:00
Friday 7:25 - 2:30
Students are welcome to enjoy the library before and after school, during free periods, after lunch and during study hall with permission.

Library Staff:

Arlene Henshaw (914) 669-5414 ext. 2188
Andrea Ronin (914) 669-5414 ext. 2189
Joelle Cohen (914) 669-5414 ext. 2188

Library Facilities:

The North Salem MS/HS Library Media Center is situated between the Middle and High Schools on the ground floor of the building. The "largest classroom in the school," it is home to over 10,000 books, 50 Nook eBook readers, a broad collection of electronic databases, 25 Chromebooks, 35 desktop and wireless laptop computers, subscriptions to 50 periodicals and newspapers, video editing stations, and a large collection of audio books and DVDs.

Our library is a multipurpose facility. Throughout the day and after school, the main floor of the library serves as a learning commons where students read, research, study, confer, plan and create. "The Lounge" section, hosts a 60" interactive LCD screen where teachers can hold classes and where students view peer-created movies, slideshows, and educationally-relevant television programs or DVDs. Throughout the year, art students display their work on the walls and on shelf tops.
Adjacent to the main floor is our state-of-the-art Library Classroom where the teacher-librarian and teachers with their students have access to library resources and technology including an Interactive Smartboard, videoconferencing equipment, movie editing programs, televisions, document cameras, ebook readers and podcasting equipment. The Library Classroom is also used by administrators and teachers for meetings, workshops and testing, by the PTO for the annual book fair, and by clubs for meetings and tutoring.

Additionally, our Broadcast Studio, created through the generous support of the Erik V. Nicoletti Foundation, is available for students working on video production projects and serves several classes as well as the Broadcast Video Club.

Finally, students who seek silence and the comfort of beanbags can enjoy the student-designed "Silent Reading Room."

Virtual Library:

North Salem students have access to a wealth of information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Library Website. Students can visit our OPAC (a catalog of all of our books and media), all of our subscription Databases (see Ms. Sandler if you need passwords), class project pathfinders, and hundreds of links to helpful sites. We encourage students to get involved with the running of the website, including contributing book reviews and trailers, creating surveys, posting original writing, and making movies.

Our Mission:

The mission of the North Salem MS/HS Library Media program aligns with and supports the North Salem SCD Mission which is to "engage students to continuously learn, question, define and solve problems through critical and creative thinking." We work to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information which represent a diversity of experiences, opinions and social and cultural perspectives. In order to do so, the library media program provides intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats in a facility that is comfortable and welcoming to all users including the general community. We function as the information center of the school with the teacher-librarian dedicated to providing diverse learning resources, activities and instruction to students, staff, administrators, parents and community members.
To support this mission, the North Salem MS/HS Library Media Program will:
  • Provide services, information and technology to support the academic, artistic and recreational needs to the North Salem school community.
  • Furnish the school community with an outstanding and contemporary print and electronic collection, including a wide range of subjects, levels, formats and delivery systems.
  • Promote literature appreciation and information skills including instruction in the operation of technologies necessary to use and apply information in any format.
  • Provide a stimulating environment which encourages a love of reading and learning.
  • Maintain highly professional staff members who are current in library information strategies and innovations and who are personally responsive to all users.


Students may check out as many books as desired. Sometimes, teachers will place shared books on reserve, and students can use them or make photocopies while in the library. Students' names are in the OPAC system, so students do not require library cards; however, we strongly suggest getting a library card from the public library so that they can make personal use of the Interlibrary Loan System. Books are due back on the date stamped in the back of the book. Students with late books will receive reminder letters. There is no fine for late books. If a book is damaged or is lost, please see Ms. Sandler.

Nooks are available for students to check out and bring home for a two week loan period. We have started a collection of ebooks on the devices, or a student may put in a request for a particular book. Students must fill out and sign responsibility forms for damage or loss of equipment.

Students may use Chromebooks and desktop computers in the library on a first-come, first-served basis for academic purposes. Laptop computers will be signed out for each class period also on a first-come, first-served basis. Students have read and agreed to North Salem's Acceptable Use Policy and must adhere to the policies set forth.

DVDs and CDs:
Like our print collection, we have a large and growing collection of age appropriate movies and audiobooks for students to borrow.

Students may print from library computers to the library black and white printer. Students may use a library photocopy machine for academic purposes.